"Share our Vision for
independent and successful retail business in Europe“
"Welcome to one of the the biggest and most exiting markets for consumer goods in the world"
"Stay independend from single suppliers and take profit from the variaty, conditions and services of the leading network of European resellers“
"The internet based network offers the ideal platform to submit transparency, productivity and safety in handling many and changing suppliers“  
Europe's No1 Online Wholesale Network
Founded in 2003, as a Spin off from  Schimmel Haufe Fachmedia, zentrada Europe GmbH & Co KG and it's family-owned investment holding started the "oldest Start-up ever" to reinvent its own magazine business by an inspired new internet platform enabling Europe-wide Wholesale Sourcing for the crowd of stationary and online Retailers.
Based on German trade magazine "Zentralmarkt", established 1946, zentrada runs today Europe's biggest Wholesale Platform for Volume and Consumer Goods, looking at fast crowing trading volumes and beeing proud of over 900.000 commercial members registered in nearly 18 years histrory.


Sourcing always had been the biggest disadvantage in competition with big retail companies and brands.
The zentrada.network allows small resellers to stay independent from single suppliers and to take advantage from an Europe-wide variety of consumer goods.

For our online based and free community of professional buyers we collect top assortments and brandlines of leading European based suppliers for easy comparison and centralised sourcing management. 

Platforms in 9 languages and Teams in 7 Countries provide unique service and benefits to all of our members within the great EU-market.


The Marketplace is the
perfect internet based format to connect the long tail of offers with the needs in consumer goods sourcing.

Using zentrada makes it easy to manage European-wide sourcing online and get better prices for attractive products, even when dealing with smaller order quantities or immediate deliveries.

zentrada's Data and AI provides personal recommendations out of sourcing and selling behaviour of hundrets tausands users.


International Wholesale Order Processing had been make safe and easy by zentrada.

Many suppliers, 400.00 articles but only one business partner and personal service by the international zentrada account management team.Collect your articles, order and get invoiced by zentrada and shipped by zentrada.Distribution centrally or by one of zentrada's Top supplier in whole Europe.

Through TradeSafe Checkout you manage suppliers and orders-
Service commitment and customer satisfaction can be shared on Trustpilot.